Much like the reason for your visit to the doctor's office, there is a reason you might feel like visiting Iconique for a sensual massage therapy session with one of our extremely professional massage therapists.   

The human body is a unique instrument that also craves some sensual attention and healing touch, and instead of reconditioning the body with over the counter tablets or prescription tablets for emotional problems such as stress, massage therapy can be more beneficial. An overstressed body, can't perform to its full potential. A visit to a massage therapist might be just what the body is secretly begging for.

The tension of everyday life, the stress of having to function normally under these uncertain times, while nothing feels "normal", can have negative effects of its own on the body. Our bodies also require some caressing and rebuilding to maintain this beautiful "instrument" that is working for us on a daily basis. Instead of feeling deprived of energy, anxious or depressed, stressed or worn out, take the stand and make this your best year by starting to take care of yourself first.

Listening to the needs of the body is the first step. Massage therapy helps with stress, depression, lowering blood pressure, improves your sleep quality and even aids your libido. Even if you have never considered massage therapy before, being on the receiving end of a sensual massage does have astonishing benefits of its own. Prolonged ejaculation, higher libido, increased blood circulation, are to name just a few. Maybe you have lost your zest for life.

Don't you think it's time to start taking better care of your body? The body is the instrument that is supposed to working for you, not against you. With sensual massage therapy, the choice of massage you require is up to you. You have the choice of a sensational single massage therapist or two pairs of hands on your body, gently applying pressure combined with long relaxing strokes, stimulating the body where it is needed most.

Phone Iconique today to receive all the benefits of a sensual massage. There has never been a better time to start enjoying the benefits that sensual massages have to offer.

Iconique - Your professional, sensual and private massage specialists.

Have you ever experienced the sensual muscle pleasing sensations of a full body massage?

The experience of receiving a massage involves much more than just relaxing the muscles. There are amazing health benefits too receiving massages.

What is a massage?

Being on the receiving end of a massage is surely a pleasing, relaxing. Sensual massage is explained in simple terms. It involves the manipulation of skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia to boost blood flow, release tension, and restore balance and functionality throughout the body.

Does massaging boost your health?

Through the decades, massage therapy has proven to be beneficial for a variety of health conditions. And at Iconique, we focus not only on the body, but we also focus on our client’s needs. Massaging is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to healing the body from the inside out. We need to take care of our bodies first to enable us to do the activities we desire to be capable of doing.

One of the largest benefits of massage is better blood circulation. Better circulation in the body has a positive impact on most body parts from the liver to cardiovascular health and yes, this includes sexual organs.

Through massage, sexual health and normal body functions may be improved as a result of the attention given to the problem areas and blood circulation being increased. Massages can reduce fluctuation from our body’s stress responses and help the body return to equilibrium. Our sane place, our happy place, and having a fully functional body is the aim.

Another benefit of massage is definitely curbing stress. Experiencing stress can have a debilitating impact on our sexual experiences. At Iconique, the client’s physical health and emotional well-being is just as important as their sexual health. Experiencing stress can weaken our body’s fight-or-flight response and have a major impact on our sexual drive.

Everyone knows that an overactive brain and its inability to switch off, constantly thinking about all the problems, can have a severe impact on your sexual performance ability. Therefore, we believe that you need to take care of your own body first and really start paying attention to what your body is saying. You might be in need of a sensual massage with one or two of our girls.

At Iconique we have several packages available to ensure we are can accommodate your needs. Whether it be at the soft and gentle hands of one of our ladies or two, our package options are endless. Our only aim is to make you feel relaxed in an environment that is private and calm and by the time you leave, to have your zest for life back.

Our massages involve different strokes on the skin varying from soft, long, gentle pleasuring strokes to massaging techniques that aim to boost your overall sexual performance by means of sensual touch and relaxation.

Iconique is focussed on our client’s privacy and your visit with our girls stays strictly confidential.

Iconique – A place where the benefits of massage speak for themselves.

Apart from touch being the most overlooked and underestimated sense, touch is responsible for very pleasing yet tantalizing sensations. Once you realize that your body is a wonderful and powerful instrument of pleasure and enjoyment, you can start to appreciate the blissful benefits of sensual touch.

The human body was meant to be touched. When your sexual parts are working for you instead of against you, it makes you crave intimacy more and more. The benefits of being on the receiving end of a sensual massage involves relaxation, pleasure, and arousal of the body. It is an entirely libidinous and eccentric feeling to experience sensual touch on unexplored areas of the body.

Sensual massage is not sex, it is the fine art of touching and pleasuring the sense of skin by sensual touch. Our entire body is a sensing, guessing, logic and pleasure-seeking organ of perception. With your body being as present as ever during the sensual massage, you can let go of all inhibitions and insecurities and enjoy the long, soft pleasant strokes with gentle soft hands trailing across your body with a variety strokes, pressures, bliss blowing and sensual touches that mystify the body the mind and the soul.

Sensual massages allow the body to surrender, to de-stress and relieve the unwanted pressures of the outside world. Receiving a sensual massage with Iconique will eliminate these unwanted emotions life have to offer as well as the unwanted tension that captivates your body daily.

Massaging is a vital tool for reducing stress and with Iconique your experience is bond to be filled with sensual touches and stays strictly confidential. This experience is something every man should experience at least once… even though we cannot guarantee that you would want to stop with just one massage.

Iconique has a large variety of beautiful ladies for you to choose from – visit our website for all the images, choose your lady and make the booking for an experience of a lifetime.

Sexual energy is what drives our urge, life energy, the vibe we give off. We all need sexual energy to feel, taste, touch and even to desire.

We spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about sex but are the rewards satisfactory? The tried-and-trusted is good, but the never-attempted-before might be even better.

Welcome to Iconique where you can forget about the outside world and all the expectations for a little while in the soft and delicate hands of one of our beautiful ladies.

Just like we need a breath of fresh air to survive, our sexual desires sometimes need a breath of fresh air for our body to flourish to its full potential and increase and prolonged sexual energy and stamina.

At Iconique we want you to experience the awakening of the body, the mind, and your senses. We want to enable your body to feel. To be susceptible to touch and allow your body to open up to sensual touch. Touch is the body’s most powerful sense and a way to harmonize body and mind by allowing you to experience joy and ecstasy by experiencing sensual pleasure and the erotic energy flowing through your body.

We want you to experience the ecstasy that pulsates through your body and awaken the sensual pleasure and the erotic energy your body has to offer in a sublime and controlled way using this sexual energy to access a deeper level of pleasure into what we know as ecstatic happiness, harmonizing your senses, body, and mind.

You are capable of so much more. Sexual healing and healing through pleasure can

be amazing for rapid and wonderful transformations. Sexual self-esteem is key to

sexual empowerment. A sexually empowered person is a person who embraces their sexuality, owns their deep desires, and devotes time to working on themselves.

Iconique wants you to experience the orgasmic sexual energy flowing through your body for increased passion, sexual, and sensual sensitivity combined with the deep relaxation of the mind, bringing your emotions into balance. Let yourself go at the hands of our ladies and breathe a fresh breath of air and become susceptible to the eccentric and erotic touches of our ladies and explore your own pleasure capacity.

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