Iconique Sensual Spa has the ultimate solution for Covid-19 to stay safe and not to be affected by the virus. All regulations have been followed with regards to the sanitation of the premises, plinths and testing of all staff on a daily basis. Due to this epidemic and the wariness of our clients during this time. Iconique has taken a further step to keep our clients safe.

We welcome our sulturous Miss Jessie,  the sex doll that is ready to fulfill all your minds sexual desires and fantasies... The Queen of love can be all yours to enjoy whenever you want!

Thanks to cutting-edge developments in material and design, you can experience a pleasure doll that looks and feels more lifelike than ever before. Jessie is fully-posable, from her eyelids to her feet, so you can enjoy her ultra-realistic mouth, vagina, or anus in any position you desire.

She can even stand up on her own! You no longer have to settle for just a happy ending but the full package. Her perfect D cup breasts will feel soft in your hands, jiggling as you thrust hard into her tight, textured vagina. Guide her with a firm hand in her long hair, fondle her adorable nipples, and squeeze her perky ass. She is always dressed up in something cute or slutty, and then have even more fun undressing her! Jessie is always ready to give you what you crave!

Contact our reception desk for more details and booking with Miss Jessie.

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