Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy is used with hot stones with oils. This treatment brings about relaxation and homeostasis on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. This medium of massage delivers a deeper massage with less exertion required by the therapist. Swedish massage techniques with hot stones are used. These stones are strategically placed on the body of the client to create a therapeutic and holistic effect. It benefits both the area concerned and the person in general. A full body treatment can take anything up to 90 minutes and more.


• The therapist offers a professional massage. All therapists are qualified and trained.
• Come and spoil yourself for an unforgettable pampering experience of a lifetime.
• The idea is to relax you, release stress and tension which will leave you energized from head to toe.

Type Of Stones

Basalt: This is the recommended stone for hot stone treatment. It has an excellent capacity to retain heat and lubricate the area.

Benefits Of Hot Stone Treatment

• One stroke with hot stone is equivalent to 5 pairs of hands on your body. The result achieved is more quickly and efficiently.
• Stones allow for deeper penetration of pressure, upon an area without tiring the therapist and causing stress on wrists and joints.
• The heat from the stones penetrates through the body of the client, causing more oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and speed up the removal of carbon dioxide and waste.
• Tired aching muscles will be restored.
• The lymphatic system will be stimulated thus increase circulation
• Cell and body metabolism is increased.
• A state of deep relaxation occurs as the warmth from the stones soothes nerve endings.
• Stones absorb negative energies from the clients; while acting as a barrier to protect the therapist.

How it's done

Some of the same techniques used for Swedish massage are utilized in hot stone massage to provide a firm pressure in a shorter period of time, therefore breaking up all knots and leaving the client rejuvenated and stress-free. The difference is that the stones are placed between the client and the therapists' hands. 


• Increase blood circulation
• Stimulate lymph flow
• Improve muscle tone, with the increased elimination of lactic acid, build-up
• Stimulate the microcirculation to the area
• Stimulate the nervous system

The hot stone therapy is excellent for lymphatic drainage when performed very lightly over the surface of the skin

Massage Oils:

• Useful massage medium
• Base Oil: No smell, No skin irritation
• Arnica Oil: Used for deep tissue and sports massage
• Cream: Used for sensitive skin and delicate areas e.g. Face

Baby Powder:

Is used for clients with excessive body hair, also used to absorb the oil after a massage session.



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