Indian Head Massage

A combination of ancient and modern awareness. These techniques is for treating the scalp. Effective for treating stress. Because the treatment focuses on the head and upper torso, the effects are felt throughout the mind and body.


• Reducing aches
• Reduces tension
• Improves circulation
• Improve production of the white cells
• Reduces the effects of stress thus facilitating sleep, reducing anxiety, slows down the heart rate, improves breathing and releases physical and mental tension
• Helps unblock congestion throughout the body
• Increases energy levels

How It's Done

Effleurage/Gentle Strokes

• Used superficially to relax then more deeply applying more pressure to stimulate the circulation and energise the client.
• Warms skin and improves circulation.
• Relaxes and soothes nerve endings 


• Squeezing strokes using the whole hand or just fingers
• Compress and then release

Friction/Rubbing Tissue against the bone:

• A rubbing stroke which compresses tissue against the bone using fingers or the whole hand
• It encourages hair growth
• Breaks down scar tissue and stimulates the growth of new tissue


• Tapping movements using tops of the fingers or the heels of the hands.
• Energised mind and body provides a “wake-up”

Pressure Points

• The application of pressure on specific points using fingertips and thumbs
• Indian head massage often works on the Chakras



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