Sensual Massage

The client has the option to request for:

• A Straight Swedish Massage (Without Sensual Touches)
• Or a massage with Loads of Sensual Touches.

Services also include the following:

The therapist will do a full strip and a body to body followed by a pelvic massage where the therapist gives the client the ultimate experience utilizing various sensual touches to prolong ejaculation for longer pleasure as well as multiple orgasms for ultimate relaxation and release.

Double Your Pleasure

As your pleasure and enjoyment is our main objective, more than one sensual is allowed (time permitting). We also offer “DOUBLES: This treatment is done by TWO THERAPISTS where they will massage you simultaneously. This is a totally different feeling of 2 pairs of hands touching your body. Thereafter, both therapists do a full strip and a sensual from head to toe. This erotic experience with two seductive ladies is the ultimate! This experience is similar to that of a “threesome”.



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