Swedish Massage

The therapist will do a full strip and a body to body followed by a pelvic massage where the therapist gives the client the ultimate sensual experience utilizing various sensual touches to prolong ejaculation for longer pleasure as well as multiple orgasms for ultimate relaxation and release.


Light touch. It is generally gentle sweeping, relaxing strokes with varying levels of pressure used at the beginning and end of the massage.
Can also be used with firm pressure over large areas once the muscles are relaxed.
Effleurage is only to soothe and relax the muscles and to improve circulation.
Effleurage is used at the start and finish of a massage session.

Effleurage prepares the body of massage e.g. touch, spreading the oil or cream, warming of the skin and relaxing the client. It helps desquamation, especially used deeply and thus helps the skin to regenerate. Effleurage on the limbs with the pressure working towards the heart assist the return of blood to the heart and aids in lymph drainage. Deep Effleurage also pushes blood in the superficial capillaries.

Hand Massage:

Starting off with an effleurage using your palms and your thumbs.
Petrissage means to knead with force.
You use the kneading and rubbing movement to manipulate tissue and muscle. It breaks down tension. The grasping of the flesh being worked on with both hands or all fingers, then using one hand to lift it as if pulling it away from the bone. Release and repeat. The pressure should be smooth and not jerky and care should be taken to avoid pinching the skin. Petrissage follows Effleurage at start of the massage. It breaks down tightness and tension on large muscles. Not to be used on delicate areas such as bony areas.


Stretches the muscle, providing suppleness and elasticity. It helps breakdown tension and stiffness in tissues and large muscles including toxins enabling the muscles to work more efficiently.


Friction is all variations of rubbing despite the firmness of the strokes. It leaves you feeling relaxed and invigorated because it releases any tight muscles and toxins within. When applying friction, you compress tissue against the bone. It is used on a small area or a specific area of tightness.

Apply firm pressure with the thumbs or fingers on the section of the body that needs to be worked on. The thumbs can be rubbed and down or held in a static position including finger tips. The effect will be of the heat and tension. Cross- fiber friction works across the muscles. It, however, helps to stretch the muscle fibres and release tension.

Friction is used to focus on particular problem areas. Useful for releasing tension in muscles and loosening tightness around the joints


Percussion is brick, invigorating and stimulating strokes utilizing by the form of hands to strike the body rapidly and suddenly. Movements used include hacking, beating, cupping and tapotement. Percussion is used as a wake up stroke. Not to be used on bony or delicate areas.

The following techniques hacking, cupping, beating and pounding are vigorous rhythms of techniques with firm pressure. The result it has brings about a stimulating action on the tissue.



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